03 Mar

Do Logitech’s Wireless Gaming Mouse Series Live Up To Their Hype?

I was thinking of buying a little Christmas gift for myself and Gigabyte’s Force M9 ICE seems like a good fit. If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s basically a gaming mice that uses laser sensors. Almost all mice were using the optical sensor technology right after the ball mouse since many years ago. The accuracy of the optical sensor is comparable with that of a laser sensor despite what many gamers might think. The true difference lies within the types of surfaces in which they can function on.

Roccat Pyra Wireless Gaming MouseThe only thing you need to be worried about using a wireless mouse for gaming is the fact that it operates on batteries and let’s be honest, the wireless transmissions of a gaming mouse will inevitably cost you some response time, however minor it might be, as discussed in this article about wireless mouse for gamers. Laser mice will work on practically every surface, including glass. This is something that optical mice will unable to do. I, myself, have always used a mousepad in all my gaming sessions for the increased precision and smoothness in the movements of the cursor so this enhancement in gaming technology really doesn’t make much of a difference for me. Read More

07 Feb

The Marvels Of G-Sync Gaming Monitors – Nvidia Does It Again

v-sync tearingIf you’ve been an avid PC gamer for the past 5 years or so, you might be familiar with the term V-Sync and if you’re not, it’s high time you are. Essentially what V-Sync does for a monitor is that it synchronises the frames being displayed so that the top half and bottom half of the screen produces an entire frame before they are shown on the monitor. Without V-Sync, you will inevitably experience something known as screen tearing or stuttering. Fortunately, the latest and best gaming monitors have only slightly sub-par display qualities despite being built with a TN panel in mind. The ultimate gaming monitor, on the other hand, must certainly have the G-Sync feature for it to truly be competitive.

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02 Jan

Record Players And Vinyls: A Rising Popularity In This Day And Age

stanton direct drive turntable

A direct drive turntable by Stanton

There’s without a doubt that record players could cost as low as $90 or less, but to obtain the very best, you’ll very likely have to pay over $500. You can find a considerable distinction with regard to the listening experience, that much is for certain. An overall understanding of how to differentiate between the best record players (you can learn more from www.vinylharmony.com) will be very helpful.

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