03 Mar

Do Logitech’s Wireless Gaming Mouse Series Live Up To Their Hype?

I was thinking of buying a little Christmas gift for myself and Gigabyte’s Force M9 ICE seems like a good fit. If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s basically a gaming mice that uses laser sensors. Almost all mice were using the optical sensor technology right after the ball mouse since many years ago. The accuracy of the optical sensor is comparable with that of a laser sensor despite what many gamers might think. The true difference lies within the types of surfaces in which they can function on.

Roccat Pyra Wireless Gaming MouseThe only thing you need to be worried about using a wireless mouse for gaming is the fact that it operates on batteries and let’s be honest, the wireless transmissions of a gaming mouse will inevitably cost you some response time, however minor it might be, as discussed in this article about wireless mouse for gamers. Laser mice will work on practically every surface, including glass. This is something that optical mice will unable to do. I, myself, have always used a mousepad in all my gaming sessions for the increased precision and smoothness in the movements of the cursor so this enhancement in gaming technology really doesn’t make much of a difference for me.

Anyway, it was either the Gigabyte’s M9 ICE, Logitech’s G700 or Roccat’s Pyra Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse. All three of these mice look great, with perhaps Gigabyte’s version looking a tad sleeker and futuristic. I’ve never been a fan of Roccat since I’ve had a pretty bad experience with the Kone [+] and to think that I spent $60 on something that I only used for a few months! I should also note that these 3 mice are all wireless simply because I love having a clutter free desk. Indeed, my speakers are bluetooth based, and so are my keyboard and mouse. A lot of gamers have also mistakenly thought that wireless products will always incur a slight delay in their movements and data transmission. If you were to say this a few years ago, then you might have made a really good point. Delays up to 10 ms were common and these would mean a significant difference especially in fast paced FPS games. The most modern gaming mice however have a maximum of 2 ms or less, which is arguably negligible in any circumstances at all. You’ll have to constantly replace the batteries at the end of the day if you’re an avid gamer or at least charge the wireless gaming mouse overnight while you’re sleeping. Most wireless mice have the capability of lasting 15 hours or more though so I wouldn’t too concerned about that unless you actually plan on playing for more than that in a single continuous period.

Also, I’m a hybrid grip user so these all are suitable options for me. The Logitech G700 is apparently a palm grip type of mouse due to its raised back and generally bulky nature while the Gigabyte M9 looks like it’s shaped like Razer’s DeathAdder, which makes it suitable for both claw and palm grip users. I was previously considering the Razer Orochi 2013 as well simple because its latest looks seem really funky and cute.